Land Grant Terms of Service

LEA Terms of Service for Artist Residencies (Land Grants)

This ToS applies to all land grants given by the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA). This applies to residencies of all types. This document represents a Terms of Service for the LEA Artists-In-Residence (AIRs).


Residencies are provided at the discretion of the LEA Committee, and any advisors appointed by the committee to manage the residencies. AIRs are expected to meet the expectations in this document, the milestones in the LEA Timeline, and adhere to the land rules set out in the LEA Covenant. Residencies may be terminated at any time by a majority vote of the LEA committee.


Residencies on LEA regions will begin when the artist 'buys' the land on the region (for L$0). The land will be set for sale to the AIRs after the grants are announced.

Shortly thereafter you’ll be granted estate management privileges. This will let you do things like manage the terrain textures and set the windlight environmental settings. If you’ve never managed an estate before, we can help out and answer questions about it, please talk to your liaison. You can also find helpful information at: For uploading of RAW files for terrain, check ‘about land’ to see who owns your region. You can contact them. It will be either Solo Mornington or JayJay Zifanwe.

At this point, the land will be owned by the AIR, and can be used to fulfill their residency project.


When your residency ends, all materials should be collected from the residency parcel/region before the end date. On the end date, an administrator will reclaim the land and all prims on the parcel will be returned.

If for any reason your residency is terminated before the official end date, an LEA administrator will contact the AIR with the move-out date, which will usually be 48 hours from that time. Failure to build anything on your parcel in a reasonable amount of time may be one reason your residency is terminated early, so please plan ahead - land is valuable.


  • AIRs are expected to make good use of the valuable land they have been given at no charge. If for any reason there is an unexpected delay to the start of your project, please contact your liaison and request a schedule extension. You will be provided with a Timeline with further details, but the strict milestones for your project are as follows:
    • Three weeks after the start of your residency, we will conduct a progress check. You must give evidence of reasonable progress on your project at that point. Such things as a written plan, visible builds in progress, experimental objects/scripts, or detailed conceptual documents will satisfy the requirement.
    • Six weeks after the start of your residency, you are expected to have made a significant amount of progress on your project. If such evidence of progress is not provided on request by your liaison at this time, your residency may be terminated. See information above on ENDING A RESIDENCY for details.

  • AIRs receiving a land grant must conduct a public event before the residency has ended. It is suggested that they have an opening event at no later than the 4 month mark. We encourage AIRs to have other events such as performances, classes, lectures. This list is open-ended to allow for all manner of public events which are related to virtual art. Delight us with your innovation. See EVENTS below for details.

  • LEA will provide you with a special kiosk that will put your parcel into the LEA AIR Land Grant directory at This will help residents discover your parcel and encourage more visitors via the web directory. The kiosk also includes a visitor counter so you can see charts of your visitors per day and can give out information about your installation and items to visitors, such as landmarks to your other locations. For help with the kiosk setup and config, please contact Solo Mornington.

  • You will be expected to provide your liaison with information about your exhibit in reasonable time for its public opening, so we may add it to the LEA blog. Please send text and images to your liaison via email. You must also notify your liaison of your official opening at least one week prior to opening so we can ask our designer to make your official poster and landing point kiosk.


  • As mentioned, expectations are that you will have at a minimum one public, advertised event to invite all residents to view your exhibit. You can hold as many events as you like. So that we can help promote your event, please us at least a 48 hour notice so that we can post about your event on the LEA Blog, the LEA Calendar, and the LEA Info group.

  • It is your responsibility to provide pictures and a write-up about your exhibit for the blog. You are also allowed to post ONE notice in the LEA Endowment group, per event, to notify other LEA Endowment members about your event. You may send ONE reminder via chat to the same group when your event starts. We also encourage you to advertise in popular SL art groups, such as the Art & Artist Network, Open This End, and .: SL Art :. to reach a wide audience about your event.

  • If you anticipate a large turnout (40+ avatars) please contact your liaison or an LEA committee member to help manage lag and security on your sim during the event, especially for any kind of special performance.
  • We also encourage educational activities and talks; and have additional facilities available should your exhibit prove unsuitable for any reason. Contact your liaison for details. Ideas might include:
    • Give a presentation of your installation @ your sim
    • Give a presentation of your work, new and former.
    • Give a LEA ART talk, of your vision on virtual arts with or without fellow AIR artists.
    • Give a lecture on techniques you have mastered to make your installations.
    • Hold informal ART talks on how you think Virtual Arts or SL art in particular should evolve in the future.
    • Discussions with your fellow AIRs on how LEA should evolve.
    • Give lectures on SL ART, your inspiration, your concept, your influences in SL and RL. With or without a moderator.
    • Participate in moderated ART Talks with all your fellow AIRs.