LEA Covenant

This covenant applies to all land grants given by the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA), and applies to residencies of all types. This document represents a Terms of Service (TOS) for the LEA Land Grants.
The LEA is not affiliated with Linden Lab, however all visitors to LEA regions are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not violate Linden Lab Terms of Service (TOS).
The LEA supports freedom of expression and creativity in all forms. However, we also reserve the right to refuse access to any person engaging in abusive, racist, sexist, or homophobic activities, or anything which violates or humiliates themselves or others. Griefing (the willful violation or destruction of others intellectual property or disruption of event) will not be tolerated, except in cases where it is a specific aspect of a sanctioned artistic performance or event. Artists-in-Residence have authority to pre-ban or ban offending avatars at their discretion; it is advisable to notify your liaison should this occur, for information's sake. LEA committee members have the final word on banning and unbanning visitors. The process for inquiries and appeals may be found here: http://www.lea-sl.org/about/ban-appeals-process

This covenant applies to all land grants given by the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA), and applies to residencies of all types. This document represents a Terms of Service (TOS) for the LEA Land Grants.

This is also published in the Estate Covenant for easy reference to all rules.

Residencies are provided at the discretion of the LEA Committee, and any advisors appointed by the committee to manage the residencies. Residencies can be ended at any time and for any reason.


The LEA has a few expectations of its residency incumbents:

 * Incumbents receiving a land grant must conduct a public event before the residency has ended. We encourage incumbents to have openings, performances, classes, lectures... This list is open-ended to allow for all manner of public events which are related to virtual art. Delight us with your innovation.

 * Incumbents are expected to make good use of the valuable land they have been given at no charge. If for any reason there is an unexpected delay to the start of your project, please contact an LEA Committee member and request a schedule extension. The strict milestones for your project are as follows:

Three weeks after the start of your residency, we will conduct a progress check. You must give evidence of reasonable progress on your project at that point. Such things as a written plan, visible builds in progress, experimental objects/scripts, or detailed conceptual documents will satisfy the requirement.

Six weeks after the start of your residency, you are expected to have made a significant amount of progress on your project. If such evidence of progress is not provided on request by the LEA Committee at this time, your residency may be terminated. See information below on ENDING A RESIDENCY for details.

 *Objects that allow payments of any kind are not permitted on LEA land.  This includes vendors selling objects, objects set for sale for anything more than L$0, and general tip jars.  You may hand out landmarks to other places where your art is available for purchase, or other places where people can tip or donate money.  You may, however, set out a tip jar for specific performers for a one time event or performance for the duration of that event or performance. Please note that the LEA organization itself does not accept donations or payments of any kind from anyone.

 * Land grant parcels must provide through passage for all avatars. This means that there must be a way for any avatar to make their way through your region or parcel to an adjacent one. Large walls surrounding your parcel are allowed for asthetic purposes only if they are transparent on the outside so visitors can see into your parcel.

 * Land grant regions allow and encourage photography and machinima filming. This means that your work can (and likely will) be used by others in photography and machinima. The LEA and Linden Lab may use photos and machinima of your work in promotional materials, including materials which promote your work. Legal specifics here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Snapshot_and_machini....

 * Items rezzed on any parcel must not excessively lag the sim and cause a bad experience for visitors to the region or neighboring regions. If you need help diagnosing lag, please contact a group owner for the LEA Endowment group for help. Things such as excessive physical collisions, badly behaved and/or excessive number of scripts, numerous large textures, or frequent object updates on your parcel are the usual culprits. If you are using too many script resources on a sim, you will be asked to remove the offending scripted objects. Help with scripting techniques to reduce lag may be available - ask on the LEA Endowment group or contact a group owner. If you are having an event and anticipate a large turnout (40+avatars) please contact an LEA Endowment group owner to help manage lag and security on your sim during the event, especially for any kind of special performance.
 * We welcome originally created content and also "found" art which uses the work of others - but we ask that you have permission if you are using unusual or unique material created by other artists. It would also be a courtesy to attribute the work to the artists, if possible.


Residencies on LEA regions will begin when the incumbent 'buys' the land on the region (for L$0). The land will be set for sale to the incumbent after an application process, or in the case of land rushes, set for sale to all.

At this point, the land will be owned by the incumbent, and can be used to fulfill their residency project. The incumbent on the AiR Land Grant sims will be made EM for the duration of the residency.


When your residency ends, all materials should be collected from the residency parcel/region before the end date. On the end date, an administrator will reclaim the land and all prims on the parcel will be returned.

If for any reason your residency is terminated before the official end date, a LEA administrator will contact the incumbent with the move-out date, which will usually be 48 hours from that time. Failure to build anything on your parcel in a reasonable amount of time may be one reason your residency is terminated early, so don't be a slacker - land is valuable.

To get help with any land issues or with the various LEA Endowment programs, please ask your liaison or any of the LEA committee members, or ask in the LEA Endowment group.
Current LEA Committee and Advisors list: http://www.lea-sl.org/about/lea-committee
The most up-to-date version of this document can be found at: http://lea-sl.org/land-grant/covenant


As mentioned, expectations are that you will have at a minimum one public, advertised event to invite all residents to view your exhibit. You can hold as many events as you like. So that we can help promote your event, please give us a 48 hour notice so that we can post about your event on the LEA Blog, the LEA Calendar, and the LEA Info group. You are also allowed to post ONE notice in the LEA Endowment group, per event, to notify other LEA Endowment members about your event. You may send ONE reminder via chat to the same group when your event starts. We also encourage you to advertise in popular SL art groups, such as the Art & Artist Network, Open This End, and .: SL Art :., or the use of social media to reach a wide audience about your event.