LEA Theatre Grant

Theatre grants are available on a first come-first serve basis dependent on schedule availability, and are booked as one to two hour events (duration is flexible). Anyone may apply to use the theatre for arts programs such as music, drama, dance, group meetings, classes, film screenings, etc.


The theatre is a public venue, so any usage must be open to the public at large and comply with its moderate rating. Therefore, LEA reserves the right to decline scheduling for events that are political, violent, sexually based, charity fundraisers or those that are sales events.  If an event does not comply with the moderate rating, or violates TOS, LEA reserves the right to cancel the event at any time.


The committee will review each application/request. Upon approval, the event will be added to the LEA Theatre calendar and a contact person/liaison assigned.


NOTE: The 4 corners of LEA1, LEA2, LEA3, LEA4 that make up the theatre have very limited prims available.  Please contact your liaison or any LEA committee member if you need more than ~75 prims on each parcel, or if you have any issues/questions.