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The Linden Endowment of the Arts is an official Linden Community Partnership program whose purpose is to help new artists, cultivate art in SL, and foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration within the art community.PatriciaAnne Daviauhttp://www.blogger.com/profile/03691262124851721177noreply@blogger.comBlogger608125
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Round 14 Standard Life - A Film

Mon, 07/09/2018 - 17:11
Moewe Winkler has made a film of the Standard Life installation by Moewe Winkler and Albert Lyvingtone at LEA15 during Round 14.
See the Standard Life film here

LEA22 Fairyland Cloudhead Worldheart concluding event 29. 06 (June 29)

Wed, 06/27/2018 - 09:56
Fairyland Cloudhead Worldheart
concluding event
in Loving Memory
Horatio friend aka Paul Hardt
Friday, 29 June

Fairyland Cloudhead Worldheart
concluding event
in Loving Memory to
Horatio friend aka Paul Hardt

Friday, 29 June

9:30 am  Jim Cook.
10:40 am Rubeus Helgerud Part1 and the Cloudhead Worldheart Theatre Company
2:30 pm   Jim Cook
                 Rubeus Helgerud Part2
                 and the Cloudhead Worldheart Theatre Company
4:00 pm  Maximillion Kleene
5:45 pm  Lampithaler
                 and the Cloudhead Worldheart Theatre Company
                 in Loving Memory
                 Horatio Freund aka Paul Hardt

Cloudhead Worldheart is a fairy tale that I wrote and which I presented as a total work of art on LEA 22.
I thank all those who accompany me closely and support me! In particular I thank LEA Linden Endowment for the Arts, the participants of the Theater Emsemble Cloudhead Worldheart, my closest friends, all musicians and all visitors.

Infos: http://lampithaler.com/cloudshead-worldheart/


LEA24 Closing Event

Mon, 06/25/2018 - 08:58


From a small pattern come a long way

a tribute to
 Jaki Liebezeit
Thursday, june 28
1 pm slt
Eidola, LEA 24
closing event

When I started with Can I had a lot of critics who said we were
repeating all the time, and we didn’t have ideas.
But I think the repetition, you have to feel it.
With Can, for every tune we played I designed a special rhythm,
so each of the tunes had different rhythms. It’s not like
Rock rhythm. I stopped with all that. I’ve given up that old style
of – you can call it American drumming. American drumming, it was
and still is normal, everybody plays American. So that’s why
I don’t play what what to me is normal."
- Jaki Liebezeit


Fri, 06/22/2018 - 23:53

When something feels meaningful, I notice my own mind.
Is it just a form? Or is it standing at the rare moment that my heart meets your heart?** RULIE CISSE :: EXCELLENT LIVE PIANO MUSIC ** BOTH THE 23RD AND 24TH PLEASE NOTE TIMES ARE LISTED AS:: JUNE 23RD 22:00 PDT JUNE 24TH 7:00 PDTJUNE 24TH 14:00 JSTJUNE 24TH 23:00 JST



LEA7 - SALT - Eliza Wierwight

Fri, 06/15/2018 - 07:33
  **************************************************************************************************** ARTIST: Eliza WierwightLOCATION: LEA7DATE: June 16thTIME: 1 PM SLT  ****************************************************************************************************Salt

Eliza Wierwight16 June 2018
Hello everyone,
Welcome to the notecard I've been avoiding like the second coming of the plague. 
There are at least two fundamental options for viewing this work.
★Cruise through at your own pace & where mused savor salt at a visceral level.
★The more daunting version. The above plus all the damn yet potentially interesting Eliza notes that follow.
As my primary presence Inworld is commercial, I’ve not engaged in the luxury of  formal arts related work for quite some time,  and certainly never on this scale. 
I had formerly mused the idea that if I was ever to engage in art again, then this odd creature called 'salt' would evolve, needless to say those originally indiscriminate ideas morphed into something entirely else during the course of actually creating it.  Aided and abetted by a smaller project 'fourth position' I created on the fly for One Billion Rising earlier this year, which is woven into the foundation of sorts, though explored more expansively. This work is predominantly instinctual, much shuffling ensued, and therefore not tidy in philosophy. Perhaps problematic that I've been so enmeshed in the emotion of its creation that the premise of tying it up in a clever art historian-esque summary notecard type endeavors was always going to remain rather elusive to me. However this plays out, I had a moment of extreme personal catharsis during the creation of 'salt', and for that fact I remain grateful. Details in relation to this can be found in my comments regarding cultural influences other, in the secondary more expansive notes, if you're curious.
★Artist's statement on salt - framework
As a fuller Immersive piece the philosophy of salt presents this way, I invite you to consider the journey through the installation as experiencing-dining from a pre-set menu of somewhat unpalatable stories & truths. Some of my own, some not. Though all manifestly important to me irrespective of origin. I’ve quite deliberately misappropriating the term 'degustation', this imparted itself as an ideal transition, as each segment-course is a unique work of its own volition. There are however other threads that drift through the work, as I’ve permit myself a further interplay of symbolic references in relation to the accoutrements of sustenance. In the context of literal salt, a basic commodity that exists in most kitchens of the World, it became a metaphor for the things that wound us, a conduit.  Another thread meandering through this work, relates to the Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi, embracing the unique, flawed or imperfect. Life ingratiates itself with such hardship at times. 
If we are the wounded, then let us embrace where possible those challenges & scars, and in surviving them or in our empathy for others that do, see ourselves as the beauty. We are the fine art.
Eliza Wierwight


Wed, 06/13/2018 - 22:42

 MOOD SWINGS is a fun display of emotion is texture and color.
JudiLynn India is a 2D artist whose work is steeped in colorful textured abstraction. She often hears how her work affects the mood of the viewer. LEA10 brings all of that together in one place, likened to a giant ball pit of emotion!The ethereal and eclectic sounds of UltraViolet Alter blend wonderfully with the visual. It is a pleasure to collaborate with Ultra.PLEASE JOIN US AND ENJOY THIS EVENT AT LEA::

  SLUR:: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA10/139/107/26

LEA6-Machinima Open Studio Project by Chic Aeon

Fri, 06/01/2018 - 09:41

What's New - June
The big news this month is the opening of a full sim sized installation with a fantasy desert theme. Sanoria first debuted at Fantasy Faire. It has now been moved and enhanced -- and of course the designer buildings have been removed.  The story quest remains. Find information at the landing point-   And while you are exploring and finding the messages of the ancient, keep your eye out for a gift.

The second bit of excitement comes in a new video that let's you see some of the many locations at MOSP.

Find the video here:

Newness in Terradale (ground level) includes the beginnings of a bakery in one of the village shops.

Horses have appeared here and there in the countryside.

Also in progress, a different kind of desert themed installation. So exotic!

 And for you city folks, there is an impressive new drinks maker and giver in the brownstone kitchen.  Just one of many new details scattered among the levels.

Explore and find your favorite spots!


Tue, 05/29/2018 - 13:11
   "Suzen Juel's Installation LEA12" shares with the Second Life Community five hours of live music today!     ::Exceptionally colorful  installation which is a excellent experience for photographer, or making machinima's, or bring your imagination and wander throughout! You will find many beautiful spots to share with others or enjoy yourself! Welcome::The concert times start at 4PM SLT or PSTWe are delighted to have Suzen Juel bring this magic to LEA !
Please note the SLUR Here for this wonderful event::http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA12/128/128/2                          

LEA8 - Time Slip 2 - Tansee - UltraViolet - Mandel

Tue, 05/29/2018 - 08:11
Bidding Adieu To Our "Journey",, join us if you "feel",,

ARTISTS: Tansee - UltraViolet Alter - Mandel Solano
DATE: 5/30/2018

LEA22- Lampithaler hosts Max Kleene

Thu, 05/24/2018 - 11:56

The event will be:
Fairyland Cloudhead Worldhart / LEA 22
Maximillion Kleene
Thursday, May 24
01.00 Europe Time - 4 PM SLT

LEA15 - Standard Life - Moewe Winkler

Mon, 05/21/2018 - 12:46
*************************************************************************** Standard Life

Moewe Winkler - Albert Lyvingstone

DATE: Saturday - May-26-2018 - 1PM SLT


Landing-Point: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA15/128/128/22

Follow the standard route!

Greetings from Moewe

LEA8 - Time Slip - Tansee & Ultraviolet Alter

Thu, 05/17/2018 - 11:22

⊹⊱♥[♥]♥⊰⊹⊹⊱♥[♥]♥⊰⊹⊹⊱♥[♥]♥⊰⊹⊹⊱♥[♥]♥⊰⊹⊹⊱♥[♥]♥⊰⊹⊹⊱♥[♥]♥⊰⊹⊹⊱♥[♥]♥⊰⊹DATE: Saturday May 19 2pm SLT
Celebrate the renewal of Spring with Ultraviolet Alter & Tansee as they take you on a Journey into a "Time Slip".   
For the lovers of  atmospheric, dimensional, evocative, generative, ethereal music in SL.you will not want to miss the brilliant Live performance by French Artist & Musician Ultraviolet Alter sharing her amazing RL piano and instrumental skills..  Performance is in a special original build by Tansee who will also be providing her live soft visual art that will unfold to Ultra's music. Prepare to arrive in the "darkness"  (literally)  to begin the Journey.  The build is designed for High Graphics and a Midnight setting.
The title of the Event "Time Slip" is one of 10 original compositions specifically made for the LEA8 "Journey To Ultama" sim created by Ultra, Tansee and Mandel Solano.  Her music can be heard from her own stream 24/7 until the sim closes May 31.  There is a sitting area on ground level that has RL photo's of just of few of the most interesting sound instruments that Ultra uses to bring her passion for composition to SL.      
Ultra is a long time resident of SL and at times has been mistaken for a DJ when in reality the each performance is live from her studio in France requiring much concentration, discipline and coordination using multiple keyboards, computers, ipads, synthesizers and her array of unusual and unique instruments.including the magical Le Cristal Baschet along with Cloud Chamber Bowls.  One instrument uses the vibration of the glass that is passed to a heavy tuned block of metal that determines the pitch and  cones that amplify sound to higher frequencies.   
Ultra describes her music.  "It is not as easy as "hit play" rather I must abandon my greater intelligence and  immerse myself into the freedom of restrictions of daily life, using my imagination. It's like a co-creation in a fantastic world to bring my music for people all over the planet."
 Ultra's musical intuition and Tansee's graceful art is sure to sweep you into a relaxing Time Slip Journey of imagination. Be sure to see the sim art creations of Ultra and Tansee as well as fellow artist and sim owner Mandel Solano by using the TP system to the different levels while enjoying her very intoxicating  music.    

LEA barry Richez Dreams In Space 2

Thu, 05/17/2018 - 08:43


    Barry's sim directions: Set your windlight to night view, turn sound and particles on, and follow the red arrow to find the art in the sky.                                                                                                     
Pour trouvez la sortie de la pyramide suivez la fleche rouge, ensuite pour vous rendre dans l'espace il est comme un petit jeux vous devrez suivre le chemin de bois et trouver le teleporter; faite attention en traversant la biobulle il a l'air calme mais pourrait vous manger tout entier, je vous recommande également de porterr une conbinaision spacial, l'air a l'extérieur etant encore tres toxic.Je vous souhaite une bon trip.


To find the exit of the pyramid follow the red arrow, then to go in the space it is like a small game you will have to follow the path of wood and find the teleporter; Be careful while crossing the biobulet it looks calm but could eat you whole, I also recommend to wear a space conbinaision, the air outside is still very toxic.Je wish you a good trip.


                            1      CITY ARTS
                            2      GALLERY ALPHALUNE CREATIONS
                            3      THEATHER
                            4      FLYING ARTS 
                            5      COLONIE


                                       JANVIER 2013     

Par une belle nuit lunaire, ayant travaillé à mes sculptures , je vais me coucher auprès de ma femme qui dort depuis longtemps. Je commençais à m'endormir lorsque de violents coups retentissent à ma porte . En catastrophe , je me lève cours voir ce qu'il se passe . Devant ma porte se tient ma voisine de palier ,l'éminent professeur Ama Avro  tenant une pile de livre sous le bras , son perroquet sur l'épaule vosciférant qu'il faut absolument partir très vite car un danger imminent nous menace . Promptement je cours réveiller ma femme et réuni quelques affaires. Tous les trois , nous gagnons l'aire d'envol de notre vaisseau cargo et partons à la vitesse de la lumière vers la galaxie M 51 .
 Nous sentant assez loin de la terre , nous nous mettons en position géostationaire . Après un rapide scan , nous nous apreçevons que nous ne sommes que deux vaisseaux à avoir pu echapper a cette catastrophe. Nous établissons très vite le contact avec l'autre vaisseau .  A son bord , Thanos Runer , éminent professeur de dessin , spécialiste du corps humain est présent .
Plusieurs jours après , n'ayant décelé aucune trace de vie sur terre ,nous nous rendons a l'évidence que nous sommes les uniques rescapés...
En effet le professeur Ama Avro , nous expliquera que la nuit de notre départ précipité , alors qu'elle travaillait dans son laboratoire , ses détecteurs d'analyse d'air , lui ont signalé la présence d'un gaz toxique se répendant dans l'air.
Je me souviens , moi aussi cette nuit là , d'une information anormale diffusée par la radio:  Deux éminents chimistes du centre de recherche international sont portés disparus .
Y a t'il un lien entre ce gaz toxique et la disparition de ces scientifiques ?
N'ayant plus aucun espoir de retour, nous décidons de nous installer dans cette galaxie !
Un jour , alors qu' Ama Avro scanait la terre à la recherche d'une trace de vie quelconque , elle decouvrit à l'intérieur d'une pyramide la présence d'eau et d'air .
Elle decida se s'y rendre et de procéder à une analyse de ses composants , quelle fut notre joie à son retour , lorsqu'elle nous annonça, que l'eau et l'air étaient parfaitement purs !
L'espoir d'une vie nouvelle enfin revint .
Après de nombreuses recherches et expériences , elle réussit à recréer dans des " biobulles" des végétaux , (des arbres , des fleurs , des légumes) et mêmes des animaux .
En attendant de pouvoir nous réinstaller sur Terre et recréer une vie nouvelle dans la paix et l'amour , nous continuons nos activités respectives Artistiques  que nous vous invitons à découvrir dans  notre colonie .

                                 DREAMS IN SPACE 2  ( IMAGINATION ) STORY
                                                        May 2018    

5 années apret nous nous sommes définitivement installé dans l'espace et formont maintenand une vrait petite colonie avec les quelques rescapés qui nous ont rejoint , beaucoup de nos tentatives de faire repousser la nature sur terre ont échoué, quelques especes de plantes et de champignons se sont quand meme adapter prenant parfoit des couleurs etranges pour certain arbres mais tout cela encore extrenement toxic ,nous vous recommandont de ne surtout pas y toucher,le seul endroit non toxic est la biobulle que vous allez traverser sur votre chemin, a l'interieur seul les plantes et annimaux qui y vivent dans un air sain sont notre espoir de retour peut etre un jour sur terre mais il faudrat nous le savont beaucoup  de temp encore.La création d'arts continue dans l'espace et  je vous invite a  commencer par la destination city arts ou vous decouvrirez au bout  de 5 corridors de nouvelles et ancienne créations ,certaine étant en declinaisons .Bonne visite


                              DREAMS IN SPACE (IMAGINATION) STORY

                                                             JANVIER 2013

On a beautiful moonlit night, having worked my sculptures, I'll sleep with my wife sleeping long. I began to fall asleep when violent blows resound my door. In disaster, I see up over what happens. Stands outside my door my neighbor, the eminent Professor Ama Avro holding a stack of books under his arm, his parrot on his shoulder vosciférant it is absolutely necessary to leave very quickly because an imminent danger threatening us. I promptly during waking my wife and met some business. All three of us earn the launch area of ​​our cargo ship and leave at the speed of light to the galaxy M 51.
 We felt quite far from the land, we put ourselves in position geostationary. After a quick scan, we apreçevons we are only two vessels have been able to escape this disaster. We quickly establish contact with another ship. On board, Thanos Runer, distinguished professor of drawing the human body specialist is present.
Several days later, having found no trace of life on earth, we go to the evidence that we are the sole survivors ...
Indeed Professor Ama Avro, we explain that the night of our hasty departure, while working in his laboratory, his analysis of air detectors, he noted the presence of a toxic gas répendant in air.
I remember too that night, an abnormal information from the radio: Two eminent chemists of international research center are missing.
Is there a link between the toxic gas and the disappearance of these scientists?
No longer any hope of return, we decided to settle in this galaxy!
One day, while that Ama Avro scanait earth looking for any trace of life, she discovered inside a pyramid the presence of water and air.
She decided to go there and to conduct an analysis of its components, what was our joy at his return, when we announced that the water and air were perfectly pure!
The hope of a new life finally returned.
After extensive research and experience, she managed to recreate in "biobulles" plants (trees, flowers, vegetables) and even animals.
In the meantime we can reinstall on Earth and recreate a new life in peace and love, we continue our respective Artistic we invite you to discover our living space .

                                              DREAMS IN SPACE 2 (IMAGINATION) STORY

                                                                        MAY 2018            

5 years later we have definitely settled in space and are now forming a small colony with the few survivors who have joined us, many of our attempts to push back nature on earth have failed, some species of plants and fungi are are still adapting taking strange colors for some trees but all this yet extremely toxic, we recommend you do not touch it, the only non-toxic place is the biobulet you will cross on your way, inside alone the plants and animals that live there in a healthy air are our hope of return someday on earth but it will be necessary to know it a lot of temp still. The creation of arts continues in space and I invite you to start with the destination city arts where you will discover after 5 corridors of new and old creations, some being in declination. Good visit

LEA26 and LEA27 - LIghtshow - Jo Williams and Mario Helstein, May 13th at 1PM SLT

Sat, 05/12/2018 - 00:35

 <<  LIGHT SHOW  >>                                                                     May  13th  at 1:00 pm slt                                                     An invitation to a totally immersive                                   light & sound experience                                                                   Created & Performed by                                            Mario2 Helstein                                                                                                                                                                                                                 *****                                                                                     To optimize the experience                                  Remove all scripted items                                   Set the world to midnight                                        Turn out your lights                                        Turn up the music                                                                                       Relax & fall into another world                                                             Feel the Power of Light                                                                                       *****
      Stage design, Effects and Particles created by Mario2 Helstein                                                                    Music by Mario2 Helstein                                                      * **   Finishing with an after-party ***                 
Teleport to  LEA26  Jo Williams:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA26/167/251/2308

Teleport to LEA27  Mario Helstein: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA27/161/11/2309

LEA18 - Edgar Allan Poe's "The Philosophy of Furniture" - Daark Gothly

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 16:53

19th Century Costume Ball
May 19th 2018
10:00 am  & 6:00 pm SLT
Location: LEA18
Attire: Period Costumes / Black Tie / Formal

LEA18 is open NOW with a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe's, "The Philosophy of Furniture".  His intended humor, at the Yankees and their inability to decorate without offenses, brings us to the one un-offensive room he imagines in his mind.

Come take pleasure in his writing brought to view. You can touch and read the short essay or touch to listen to a narration as you teleport to each room.

Enjoy the Penney Farthing bike. You will also find a gift appropriate to the sim decor.

LEA4- Le Nuvole Cadute presentano Epica- Friday May 18th

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 12:27
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA4/128/128/36Friday, May 18th Italy at 22.30, England at 21.30, SL hour 13.30 (1:30 pm)

Epica rappresenta il classico conflitto tra il bene e il male che ha caratterizzato la storia dell’umanità. A questa storia daremo i contorni della fantasia mostrandola attraverso immagini e testi che daranno risalto alla nostra esposizione teatrale. Valori contrastanti, uno che arreca un danno all’altro, dove alla ricerca del senso morale, l’azione  o il pensiero non sarà conforme a principi etici. Usiamo il termine Male per fotografare più situazioni legate ad un disagio , mentre ci avvaloriamo del Bene per tentare di sconfiggerlo. Viviamo nella convinzione ottimistica che il Bene possa sempre e comunque battere il Male,ma il più delle volte è solo un appuntamento rimandato alla prossima occasione certi che prima o poi verrà eliminato. E’ una speranza che ci aiuta a vivere e forse chissà se non ci fosse il Male ,anche il Bene vedrebbe offuscata la sua luce.


"Epica" represents the classic conflict between good and evil that has characterized the history of humanity. To this story we will give the contours of fantasy by showing it through images and texts that will emphasize our theatrical exhibition. Contrasting values, one that causes harm to the other, where in the pursuit of moral sense, action or thought will not conform to ethical principles. We use the term Evil to photograph more situations related to an inconvenience, while we validate the Good to try to defeat it. We live in the optimistic conviction that the Good can always and always beat Evil, but most of the time it is only an appointment postponed to the next occasion sure that sooner or later it will be eliminated. It is a hope that helps us to live and maybe who knows if there were no Evil, even Good would see its light blurred.

Visions by Mack Akina Opening at LEA16 May 12

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 12:15

You are hereby cordially invited to the Grand opening of Visions by Mack Akina.

Visions is the only way to describe most of my work...it always starts with a vision - and LEA 16 is the first attempt to combine many visions into a composition of light, sounds, and color to create a visual experience.
Grand opening; May - 12 - 2017 1pm SLT

Teleport to Visions by Mack Akina at LEA16

Graphics: One less than Ultra
Advanced Lighting on
Music : On
Sounds: 1/4 vol
Media: off

Program for the opening:
20 Minutes laser light and effects show with music.  For optimal view - seating is provided at eye level with stage.
Free Dance (Musical guests are allowed a show of your appreciation of their hard work - please feel free to send your generous donations their way).
Music for the opening show and dance following provided by DJ JOlove.

*Please reduce your active scripts to minimum

I wish to thank the following for their help and contributions toward the realization of my ideas and the many brilliant ideas of their own that make LEA 16 what it is today:

Lee Allison
Sandi Peterson
Wilson Fourroux
Lorin Tone
Norton Lykin
Tessa Vespucciano
Aisha Darkfire
Purple ZooX

I would also like to thank all of my great friends and a few very kind strangers for their support and patience through this first LEA experience!

Myself and the entire Build Team for LEA 16 are looking forward to see you...
~Mack Akina

LEA25- Fake Jewell and The Jewell Theatre present: SNOW

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 07:51

                                                 The Jewell Theatre presents: SNOW
                                                 Written and Directed by Fake Jewell

"In a dystopian world, made white with ice and snow, surviving animals must decide the fate of the surviving human beings."

***Special Events For Linden Endowment For The Arts, Round 14, Artist-In-Residence Fake Jewell***

Visit the story world of our play 'SNOW' and more, at LEA25 - opening May 2018!

Explore the dystopian forest, the tunnels where the humans live, the caves where the animals shelter, and learn how you can make a difference in the climate action center.

As part of our residency we will be providing workshops on how to put on a play in Second Life, providing space, material, costumes and basic sets.

Join us at the traveling theatre for performances of our play 'SNOW' on June 9th and 10th and special open rehearsal events on June 2nd and 3rd.

Theatre Workshops

Saturday, May 19th
Workshop: “The Cast Perspective” Prisilla Avro, 12 noon
Workshop: “Writing & Directing for SL Performance” Fake Jewell, 3:00pm
Workshop: “Roles & Timelines of an SL Production” liat Reina, 6:00pm

Saturday May 26th
Workshop: “The Cast Perspective” Prisilla Avro, TBA
Workshop: “Make Your Own Production” TBA – Mini Theatres

SNOW – Open Rehearsals
Saturday, June 2nd at 3:00pm
Sunday, June 3rd at 12 noon

SNOW - Performances
Saturday, June 9th at 3:00pm
Sunday, June 10th at 12 noon

*All times are in SLT (Pacific Time)

The Jewell Theatre has been performing original theatre, machinima and more since 2007, led by Writer/Director Fake Jewell.

Learn more about us:
Website: https://jewelltheatre.wordpress.com/snow

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JewellTheatre
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JewellTheatre
Flickr:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/jewelltheatre/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbnF-BtxTy-invUqaK2mxTg

LEA22- Lampithaler holds MORGENSTERN/ Pink Floyd Event

Thu, 05/03/2018 - 12:04

 Fairyland Cloudshead Worldheart

with their Show
♪♫♪♪ PINK FLOYD ♪♫♪

➩ on Friday, 04.05.18 (April 4th)
➩ from 20.30 h / Friday, May 04 (11.30 AM SLT)
➩ at the Fairyland Cloudshead Worldheart

TP to Stagehttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA22/135/153/2170