Ban Appeals Process

In the course of keeping LEA lands relatively free of grief and disruption, we sometimes end up banning avatars from visiting.

This does not happen very frequently, because we hope to be able to settle conflicts reasonably. But from time to time these bans occur.

If you've been banned from LEA lands, you can appeal your ban.

  • Provide a plea in the form of a notecard. Give this notecard to whoever banned you.
  • The administrator could at this point undo the ban at their judgement.
  • If they choose not to unban you, they then will take the plea to the committee, placing it on the agenda as soon as possible.
  • The committee can then consider the circumstances and the plea and vote on keeping the ban or reversing it, and place whatever other conditions they wish. For instance, a week-long probation or some similar decree.
  • You can expect an answer on their plea within two weeks.
Ratified by the LEA Committee on May 15, 2012.